End of life care

Providing the utmost level of compassionate care in the comfort of your own home

The end of life package of care with SCS group offers comfort and sensitivity. It is a package of care that will be designed to meet a person centered approach to each service user, during their time of need. 

Each member of staff will be assigned to a care call based on their skills and qualities. When a service user is suffering through a difficult time, it is crucial that the carer is there as a helping hand and easing the process. The carer will be able to make sure you are at rest and are as comfortable as possible, still respecting your dignity.  

All aspects of care can be covered in this package of care.

What is a care plan?

A end of life care plan will include most information which will be the same as a reablement care plan but is usually shorter – the team want to help during difficult times and not add to any stress or discomfort.  Every member of staff will always be sensitive with what questions are asked and will focus on what must be answered to ensure your package of care is most effective to you and ensures you are safe in your property. 

What is a risk assessment?

Each service user will have a risk assessment completed for them. This is to ensure that any equipment that is used in and around the property is safe to use for both carer and service user. A risk assessment will be updated regularly so that care can be delivered safely. Any equipment that has potential to be a hazard will be assessed to outline any risks, if any.  

A end of life care plan with SCS can offer tasks including the following:

Safety of service user

Personal Care

Toileting Care

Diet and nutrition

Oral care

Medication assistance

Dressing and undressing

Manual handling

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