Reablement care

Utmost level of compassionate person centered care

when the team are creating a package of care, the process behind this should be at no difficulty for the service user

Reablement care..

A reablement package of care will focus on what the desired outcome is for each service user.
Some may say they would like to boil a kettle again, others may say they would like to manage the stairs again..

Each package of care is different, here we understand that. Your abilities usually increase during your package of care in reablement.
Each carer is thoroughly trained to build on independence in all aspects. The carer who attends each call will focus on what you can do and encourage you to do more independently over time.

Once a member of the public has reached out to SCS group, the initial assessment will be arranged between the service user/nok and senior member of staff. The senior would then attend service users property to undertake a care plan and a risk assessment. Both of these assessments will be done prior to the carer attending any care calls. This is to ensure that each package of care is catered to likes/dislikes and ultimately, person centered to you.

No two packages of care will be the same and here, we understand that.

The senior team completing assessments usually like to take a ‘chat’ approach rather than asking several questions and it almost feel like a interview. We want to talk with the service user and build the initial understanding that you will be safe and respected at SCS group.

Any questions that you do have can always be answered at the time of your assessment or with the office team.

What is a reablement care plan?

A reablement care plan will focus on daily tasks that the service user would like to be completed e.g. personal care, toileting care, diet and nutrition and medication. It will include any background information for e.g. allergies, health background, mobility, capacity, diet and nutrition, any family members or friends. Then it will add what goals and aims the service user would like to work towards so that the carer can work effectively with the service user to achieve goals.

What is a risk assessment?

Each service user will have a risk assessment completed for them. This is to ensure that any equipment that is used in and around the property is safe to use for both carer and service user. A risk assessment will be updated regularly so that care can be delivered safely. Any equipment that has potential to be a hazard will be assessed to outline any risks, if any.

A reablement care plan with SCS can offer tasks including the following:

Safety of service user

Personal Care

Toileting Care

Diet and nutrition

Oral care

Medication assistance

Dressing and undressing

Diet and nutrition

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