Care at the comfort of your own home

Person centered care 
Diet and nutrition 
Toileting care
Hair care 

A package of care with SCS offers dignity and respect towards each service user who wishes to remain at home, whilst receiving care.
Each package of care will be designed to meet person centered needs.

Reablement care​

The success of a reablement package of care is when independence has been regained and the ability of doing daily tasks independently no longer becomes daunting.

Live in care ​

All aspects of care can be covered in a live in care package. Yet, this package of care would be more suited to those who are looking for a longer period of time during the care call for every day.

Private care​

With a private package of care, this would be funded independently by the service user. All aspects of care can be covered.

End of life care ​

End of life care is a package of care which would ensure that the service user is resting easy and comfortable during this sensitive time.

Each service user can rest assured that only the utmost level of care will be delivered at SCS group, every member of staff are fully trained holding a full enhanced DBS certificate before they attend any care calls.

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